Alcohol: How hypnotherapy can help you quit or cut down drinking alcohol

Elizabeth Bullock

I have been helping people control or stop their drinking since 1981 so Whether you want to cut down your drinking or stop altogether I can help You.

Now some people do need to stop drinking altogether as they just shouldn’t be drinking at all and may be doing damage to their health or their relationships with family and friends.

Other people just need to cut down their drinking to a few nights a week and only have a couple of drinks when they do drink. Whatever your situation you can be helped to get back in control.

My program consists of two sessions of hypnotherapy with each one being about a week apart. You will be given suggestions whilst under hypnosis to take away your need and desire to drink alcohol so that you can either stop altogether or cut back to a sensible amount of alcohol.

If you are cutting down your consumption you will choose which days of the week you will allow yourself to drink alcohol and which days you want to be alcohol free. In this case it is best to pick the days that you are most likely to be socialising for example you might like to drink on Friday and Saturday nights when you go out for dinner or to a party and Sunday afternoon if at a BBQ or social function and then you wouldn’t drink alcohol at all from Monday to Thursday.

We will talk about that more when you come along to see me and you decide which days best suit your needs.

The majority of people only need two sessions to successfully make the changes they need. Extra sessions are always available if needed or if you want some extra help somewhere down the track, you can always come back for a refresher session.

If you would like more information on how I can help you please Phone or Text me on Mobile 0403957628 all enquiries are held in the strictest confidence.

I also have a ProgramĀ  available on CD if you are unable to come along in person to see me in my clinic in Port Macquarie. Face to face sessions are always recommended if you are able to come to my clinic as they can be tailored to your specific needs.

Alcoholfree days

Alcohol Free days CD $79.95 plus postage $7.95

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