Anxiety and Stress Helped with Hypnotherapy

Elizabeth Bullock


Hypnotherapy is a natural way to learn how to control Stress and Anxiety and learn to relax while easing the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

You will be taught techniques so you can become more relaxed and calm so it is easier for you to cope with stressful situations or difficult people.

My Stress programme consists of three to four sessions of hypnotherapy with each one spaced about a week apart. 

If you would like more information or to make an appointment please contact me by phone or text on  Mobile 0403957628

If you can’t come along to a session with me you might like to purchase a CD to help you to be more calm and relaxed and cope with stress.

Face to face sessions are always recommended as they are tailored to your specific needs and situation.

Buy Now   Stress Control CD

$49.95 plus postage $7.95





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