Gambling helped with hypnotherapy

Elizabeth Bullock

Elizabeth has over 36 years experience as a hypnotherapist and has helped many people quit gambling over the years.

All types of gambling addictions can be helped with Hypnotherapy so whether you are addicted to Poker machines or betting on horses or spending too much money on other types of  gambling, Hypnotherapy may be the answer to your problem.

It is important that the problem gambler is ready to quit, then they will find it quite easy to break the spell that has been placed on them by gambling.

Elizabeth basically Dehypnotises the gambler out of their addiction so that they no longer feel the same urge or desire to gamble.

The Programme consists of two sessions of hypnotherapy each one costs $145.00 which you pay each time you come along. Most people only need two sessions but more sessions are always available should they be required or if needed somewhere down the track. Support is always available if you need it.

If you would like more information or to find out if Elizabeth can help you or someone you know please email her :    or Phone or Text 0403957628  and she will be happy to help you.
If you can’t come along to see me personally you might like to purchase a CD to help you with your problem…. This Cd is designed to help you quit playing Poker machines so you can get back in control of your life.

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Poker machine CD $49.95 plus postage $7.95    Stop playing Poker machines CD Label

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