How does it feel to be Hypnotised ?

You may be wondering how it feels to be hypnotised…..Hypnotherapy is a very pleasantly relaxed state of altered consciousness much like a daydream. My therapy is aimed at helping you with your particular problem. You are not asleep,  just very relaxed, when in the state of hypnosis positive suggestions are given into your subconscious to help you make changes to your behaviour so you can quit  addictions or habits  such as Smoking, Gambling, Alcohol or many other addictions or change other things in your life that you want to improve such as eating better or exercising more. I can also help with Anxiety and Stress.

During hypnosis you are very aware and hear what is being said to you during the session, you may notice a few sensations such as numbness or tingling in your hands or feet, you may feel heaviness in your arms or legs as your muscles relax, you may see colours like yellow or blue or purple or you may notice a very pleasant floating sensation, even though you know you are sitting in the chair but you feel as though you are floating above the chair it is a very pleasant feeling. Other than those sensations you won’t feel anything strange,  you just feel relaxed and calm.

You naturally go into an hypnoidal state as you go off to sleep each night, you may  remember sometimes drifting off to sleep  and then dreaming that you are slipping or falling and you wake yourself up with a jump or you kick your legs out. This happens when the change over from the hypnoidal state to  the sleep state is too quick it is due to a change in the brain waves as you drift off to sleep.

With Hypnosis the idea is to keep you in the hypnotic state rather than having you go off to sleep, you are very receptive to the positive suggestions in the hypnotic state.

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