Quit Smoking Success different for everyone

When you decide to quit smoking what can you expect it to be like? I have found that with my system the majority of people can stop smoking with only a single session of Hypnotherapy there are of course some people who need some extra help to get over their smoking problem completely, and of course there is nothing wrong with needing a bit more help, you only fail when you stop  trying to succeed.

Different people experience things differently when they quit smoking with hypnotherapy but there are essentially three types of possible experiences that you could have.

Highly Motivated and determined to become a Non-smoker

The first type is the highly motivated person who is determined to become a non-smoker as quickly and easily as possible They will not allow smoking to conquer there determination and will put in every effort to succeed. This type of person may not experience any withdrawals at all noticing only how good they feel, calm and relaxed and  once they leave the session they feel as though they have never smoked or a feeling that they have been a non-smoker for a long time. This type of person comes along with the attitude that they have had enough of smoking and are determined to be successful they allow themselves to be completely open to the ideas that are presented to them they just allow themselves to relax and enjoy the experience . They follow the instructions given to help them after they leave my office and practice the relaxation/stress control techniques they are taught and as a result they find quitting smoking an easy and pleasant experience.


These people have some very good reasons to quit whether it is for Health, Financial or they have just had enough of being a slave to smoking.

These people have an excellent chance of being successful with one session of Hypnotherapy they have the right type of motivation to help them to be determined to Quit Smoking and usually find it a pleasant experience much easier then they have found with other methods. Some people in this situation still may need extra help to conquer their addiction but they are highly likely to succeed and become a happy non-smoker.

Told they have to stop or should stop 

These people might struggle a bit more because it may not have been their own idea to quit smoking and may feel they are being pressured to do something that wasn’t their idea but has been forced upon them . These same people may have been told to stop by a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or Doctor and if it is not their own wish to stop they may be unsuccessful in whatever they try. If they can be convinced that it would be worth them trying to stop and it will be made bait easier for them there is a good chance they will succeed. The more motivated they are the more chance of success.

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