Smoking easy to Quit with Hypnotherapy

Elizabeth Bullock

After just one relaxing session of Hypnotherapy with Elizabeth Bullock, most serious quitters can become a non-smoker with a minimum of fuss.

My quit smoking session takes one andĀ half hours if you are new to Hypnosis and one hour if you have been hypnotised before I also cover not replacing your cigarettes with food as this can be a concern for some people you are also taught a quick self hypnosis technique to use at home to help take care of the stress associated with quitting smoking .

The average packet a day smoker spends more than $9500.00 per year every year that they smoke, so in just ten years they will have saved $95,000 (at todays prices) by quitting smoking.

This is a very successful treatment with the majority of clients only needing to attend the one session. Of course if you need extra help you can always have further sessions if needed. or come back if you slip up down the track. The most important thing is that you are serious about quitting and freeing yourself of smoking for better health and a better life.

Call or Text me now to get started and become a non-smoker for life contact Elizabeth now: 0403957628

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