Weight Control with Hypnotherapy


I have been helping people reduce their weight since 1981 I have more than 36 years experience in this field. If you are ready to start letting go of excess weight then Hypnotherapy holds the key to your success.

Elizabeth Bullock has over 36 years of helping people just like you to get rid of their excess weight.

With just four  relaxing sessions of hypnotherapy  you could be well on your way to becoming Slim Fit and Healthy. Elizabeth uses Hypnotherapy and Stress control techniques to give you back control over your eating.

You will not be put on a diet as diets simply don’t work and you can’t stay on a slimming diet for the rest of your life.

Instead you will be given suggestions using Hypnotherapy to change your eating habits, reprogramming your thinking about food and giving you a greater ability to resist the temptation to eat fattening foods. We will work on helping to reduce the quantity of food you eat without starving yourself or depriving yourself of food and you will be taught stress control methods to take care of stress and associated emotional eating.

The Hypnotherapy is also used to motivate you to exercise regularly to help speed up your progress and help your metabolism work efficiently and effectively while you let go of your excess weight.

The program consists of four sessions with each one being about a week apart.  If you wish after you have completed your four sessions you may like to return for a top up session from time to time, just to keep you on track with reaching your goal and to keep you on track particularly in times of extra stress. If you would like further information or to make an appointment please  Call or Text me on Mobile 0403957628  and I am happy to help you.

Now also available Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Banding program which is a 4 session program where you are given suggestions to make you feel as though you have had a gastric band fitted to your stomach without the risks associated with surgery to reduce your appetite and train you to make better choices and eat  healthier foods.

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One Response to Weight Control with Hypnotherapy

  1. CG says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Elizabeth!!
    It has been such an easy process to stop smoking after our session. I had tried alone so may times that I lost count!
    I will be forever grateful to you.
    Kindest regards
    C G

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